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SW:80kgs (176lbs) CW:73kgs (160.6)!!!!!!!! GW:65kgs (143lbs)… - Death is a stronger force then love...

About SW:80kgs (176lbs) CW:73kgs (160.6)!!!!!!!! GW:65kgs (143lbs)…

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SW:80kgs (176lbs)
CW:73kgs (160.6)!!!!!!!!
GW:65kgs (143lbs)
TWL:7KGS!!!!! (15.4lbs!!!!)

Ok...so I just had to mark this occasion. Down to 73 and feeling fine. Am so happy aye. 7 whole kilograms...if you said to me two months ago that I would have lost this much by now I would've called you insane.

Most of that weight WAS water retention from period. My period just ended yesterday. But I'm still gradually losing more weight. I am sooooo happy. The size 14 pants? Starting to feel a little looooooooose. :) YAY!

I haven't skipped breakfast for over a week now and its excellent. It works a treat...who'd of thunk right? lol.

Once I'm down to 70 I get to start buying new clothes. So close...so very very close. :)

Meanwhile I splerged on an entire can of halved peaches last night...like one of those big ones. But ohwell...I had this massive craving for em aye. Atleast it wasn't fattening...just alot of sugar.

...which in turn is fattening. But I was at a mates house and went on a little sugar high after that so yeah.

I have to go get some breakfast now...or else I'll skip it unintentionally.


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