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ugh - Death is a stronger force then love...

About ugh

Previous Entry ugh Feb. 1st, 2006 @ 06:45 pm
ok, so i weighed myself this afternoon, which was abad idea mainly cause i drank HEAPS of water today, and have barely peed yet..haha gross. Anywho. It said 73...but that might be food and water.

I had toast for breakfast at 9.30am
then had chicken salad for lunch and 12
and i've had atleast 4 chocolate bistcuits and a quater of a block of chocolate...which is bad...but like, i'm getting enormous cravings which are driving me crazy.
I had two cups of tea and like, a billion glasses of water. Well, maybe 8 or 9

and i'm choosing not to have dinner...as i am totally not hungry and mums making ribs...a really bad dieting choice

I did a hundred sit-ups and i'm going for a walk tonight when it starts to go dark

oh and i got myself a tan


feeling good feeling great, feeling great feeling good how are you?
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