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hello - Death is a stronger force then love...

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Previous Entry hello May. 8th, 2004 @ 10:57 pm Next Entry
yeh...so i had a heaps loooooooooooooong day today
Much was said and done
Got mum a mothers day present, two dvd's at this new place at macarthur square, only $10 each.
And i got my own copy of the magical mystery tour, for 10 dollars also. how cool am i?
Am so tired. Dont want to do homework. Am considering skipping class on monday. Just going to the library and doing assessment then.
I wrote a poem the other day...i will share it now...

Such a tiny house, to one day I saw
A small face in the window, with a crying eye
Who liked him dead, cold on the floor
And did not seek a foreigner’s sigh
They could not see the heart being torn
Nor the gentlemen’s coat on the rack
A lonely pain, the passion sworn
To the bat with a lunge and a crack

hrmm..ok, well anyway. I'm too tired. Will post later. BYE!
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