Death is a stronger force then love...

25 July
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This is a weight loss journal, basically designed to motivate me to lose weight in a healthy way.
My stats are as follows-
Height- 5'8"
Starting Weight- 80kgs 176lbs
Current Weight- 72kgs 158.6lbs
Goal Weight- 65kgs 143lbs

I've been on this eating plan, not a diet really, just cutting down on my food, for approx. 2 months now and it has been successful...so...YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!
If you are into the whole weightloss thing, reckon you could give me some advice or be helpful or even if you are looking for some motivation, add me as a friend and I'm sure to add you back!
Be warned, this journal contains mass amounts of bitching, exageration and self pity. lol...but at other times its a very happy journal indeed.
Oh, and if your wanting to lecture someone...look elsewhere...I'm a very healthy person, I occasionally slip up and/or am very irrational I always eventually find my footing and the right thing to do.